strange cidy part three

The edit is out! Why are you reading this?

Part three, “the great train disaster”.
After saying are farewells we left the boys to venture back to the airport. Chris and Carson ended up Falling asleep on the train, missing there stop and eventually bought new plane tickets when they awoke. Thee Strange lads got to the airport on time but not without taking a few trains in the wrong direction 😉
All in all we had an amazing time hanging with our new american homies. Keep an eye out for our next strange x cidy adventure, coming early next year… Hopefully.
Photo: Simon Isles


Q: Dean Coward, why didnt you get any clips for the strange cidy edit?
A: I’m not really down with the SD peasant quality….and honestly you guys have way too much fun when you skate. Photo: Simon Isles


Q: Adam Brierley, describe ur dream longboard setup…
A: My dream long board set up would have to be attaching trucks and wheels to a 12 ft long surfboard that has flame graphics starting from the nose leading back. That way I always have the longest long board in town and I look cool, surfer, skater, daredevil (I am skating on flames) and most important Cali. Photo: Adam Kola


Q: Chris, Have you found all the goats in the old Salomon adverts?
A: The goats?
Oh you don’t know!
See if you can find the goat…


Adam and Keith going underground. Photo: James Clare


Chris Smith fakie wallride. Photo: Adam Kola


Dan Stirling droppin in! Photo: Adam Kola


Thee Boys on the Pier. Photo: Adam Kola


Steve Collis NBD. Photo: Adam Kola