strange cidy part one

Acid face wash, killer bratwurst and a pair of crutches. Welcome to Part one of “STRANGE CIDY”.

The first part of this trip starts with a bang/Pop when Ryan (camera man) dislocated his Fibula the day before flying to Berlin. Upon arrival Spary decided to sample one of berlins delicacies, treating himself with a currywurst. This was rumoured to start the great plague that spread throughout the cidy apartment, leaving nearly everyone bed/toilet bound for a day or so. Continuing with good news, Adam Brierley Had a mix up with face wash and pretty much burnt his face off. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise when trying to determine which twin he was. We also came across a blue haired sea punk skateboarder with a ketamine addiction. But apart from all that Berlin was pretty fun. Hanging with the Haitian boys was smashing, big shout out to those lad!
Oh Ryan got spat on by an angry german too!


Q: Adam Brierley… Not alot of people know that you where the originator of the words CIDY LIFE. Where did you get the insiration for this collaboration of words.
A: Well during the first strange creatures vid we were skating around LA like usual, Amadi filming some b roll of me after I had landed my trick. I just looked at the Cidy, the bridge, the helicopters and realized it’s the “CIDY LIFE” (in b roll of first strange vid)

Q: Patrick, how many beers can you drink before you become your drunk alter ego “Patron”.
A: 4 Augustiner or 3 Jack & Coke cans. Photo above: Adam Kola


Q: Matt Langel, you fell in love with prawn cocktail crisps while you were in England… are there any other british delicacies you recommend for your american brothers.
A: I could easily swim in a sea of prawn cocktail “crisps” but those are probably the only real British item I had there besides Holsten Pils beer. I even took a photo of both those just for the memories for when I got back to the States. Photo above: Matt Langle


Q: Adam Brierley, You and your brother lived in England for a few years right? Is that why your such a fukin lad?
A: Well my dad is originally from Manchester, Keith and I only lived there for about 4 months and traveled all around the UK. We are both indeed certified “Lads.” You fackin WHAT?! Photo above : Adam Kola – Photo below: Simon Isles