stange cidy part two


Welcome to part two, By this time Adam Brierleys face had grown back and everyone witnessed steve bomb a hill on all fours. Only one tiny set back when a camera tape decided to go all black on us, making the footage only available on snapchat for about 8 seconds :/ sorry about that.
Apart from that, Brighton treated Thee Strange boys good, delivering sunshine, priemum iced coffee and the 36G tradition of home made vegetarian curry/jerk chicken/pizza.
Photo: Adam Kola


Q: Langel, whats the difference between skating in Europe and America?
A: Definitely the ground, the ground in most places all around Europe is total shit. Makes skating most spots a little more of a challenge. Other than that it’s definitely just being able to skate / walk / taking public transport around the cities to find new spots. In the U.S. A car is essential to getting any type of skating done in most cities. Photo: Matt Langel


Q: Simon, a little bird tells me you are working on a new street section, are you finaly going HD?
A: Ryan and I are indeed filming a new section! And with deep regret, I must disappoint and reveal it will not be in HD. When filming for my last section, I was living and studying in Leeds, meaning Ry and I could only film a couple of clips every 3 or 4 months. It took FOREVER. Now I’m back home, I’m so excited to get a section together. I’ve never been a ham skater, so don’t expect me to throw down for this section. I think the idea is more of a chilled hill bombing sort of thing with this one. Photo: Simon Isles


Q: Langel, do you have any advice to kids who are just getting into guitar hero?
A: First and foremost, you must channel your inner rockstar, get into a real metal stance, and let your fingers run wild on that plastic fretboard, watching the notes fly by as you solo your way to riches and bitches. Photo: Matt Langel


Q: Steve: If u where blessed with size 12 feet would you still skate?
A: Even if i had size 14 feet, i would still bind them (correct term, lotus foot) to fit that beautiful size 8 M12. I know of a person (no names given) who in pure desperation cut the complete toe off there M12/NO SKINS. in order to skate them. Proper fukin lad. Photo: Adam kola


Q: Carson, what would you be doing right now if u didnt skate?
A: I’d like to think that I’d have some big boy internship or job prospects going on, but realistically, I’d probably be working at a bar and be another frat bro. Maybe tennis? Photo: Adam Kola