patatas bruvas part two

Round two! By this stage of the trip we all discovered that we all dress the same and that patrick likes jumping over cars. We also decided that Tony Cheetah was now called Tony The Tiger.


Q: Do you use protection?
Patrick Ridder: No my dad was black. ^Patrick Ridder – Car Jump – Photo: Simon Isles


Q: Do you think this edit will get more girls out skating?
Tony Cheetah: Theres not that much big wheel in the edit so im going to say no.
Andy Spray: Bitches love those big wheels. ^Photo: James Clare


Q: What came first in your life, skating or hip-hop?
Dominik Tassilo Stransky: Hip-hop comes free with skating, but before both of them i was listening to prince and hard techno 
^Dominik Tassilo Stransky – Makio – Photo: Simon Isles


Q: what are your plans for the future when your skating life dies down.

Tony Cheetah: “I guess that when my skating life ends i will be pretty old! But longboarding is my main plan, also rollerderby, maybe start a company, who knows.. but for sure being on the internet bitching about how sick it used to be blading in my time” ^Steve Collis – True Mac – Photo: James Clare


Q: What are your 3 favourite songs so skate too?
Stu Day: Thats an easy one… (1) Love Story by Taylor Swift. (2) We are never Getting Back together by Taylor Swift. (3) One Step at a Time by Four Years Strong.
Stu Day: I wish i was Joking. 
^Photo: Simon Isles


Q: If you had the power to change one thing, what would it be?
Simon Isles: Oh man, there’s way too much I’d like to change thats bad in this world, it’s only natural to think so. But if there was one thing I’d like to change recently, it’d be to go back in time 2 weeks ago and not attempt to jump across Trafalgar Street, I’d still have my wallet.
^Steve – Photo: Simon Isles

Jamesclare_CDLXVALO_30 copy

Q:What are you into right now?
Elliot Steven: Well chillin I’ve been downloading a lot of music on spotify. I like to eat a lot so been getting my cooking game on point. I like to drink a few beers and check out some of the fancy (not that fancy, just chill) new bars Manchester has to offer. Working on some new projects, starting this Manchester video which is looking pretty decent. I’ve also been working on a clothing brand called Common folks and I’m starting a barbering apprenticeship soon. Apart from that I’m still into my modelling, blading and spending time with my girlfriend mostly. ^Elliot and Steve – Photo: James Clare