patatas bruvas part three

Parte 3! (thats spanish)
Q: Who’s your favorite rapper? And give us a line of one of his songs?
Tony Cheetah: Thats hard… Future might be my fav,  “I fire my lawyer and get a new lawyer”
Ryan Gillett: Wrist Wrist Wrist Wrist Wrist Wrist Wrist…


Q: What is your idea of paradise
Sam Tuffnell: the last 32 years… ^Sam Tuffnell 360 – Photo James Clare


Q:Besides Pedigree chum, what is your ideal sponsor?
Simon Isles: Pedigree have always done their best to sort me out. I can only be so thankful for all their caring support. Not only is it a delightful snack, but it doubles up in keeping me feel ripe and fresh.
However, if Iams is reading, gimmie a shout yeah.
^Patrick Ridder – Photo: Simon Isles


Q: Are you afraid of death?
Steve Collis: Memento mori (means “remember you must die” in Latin) ^Steve and Elliot – Photo: Simon Isles


Q: Whats next?
Ryan Gillett: Oh theres so much going on this year, but i don’t want to spoil the suprise. Umm i guess get some more cidy street sections on the internet… Get Dan Stirling to do more stuff because he’s the peoples favourite.
I really want to travel more with my VX.
Maybe another trip with the Patatas Bruvas crew because that worked out lovely. ^Ryan Gillett – Photo: James Clare