patatas bruvas part four

Part four the Sandro Edition. Amongst all the english dudes there were three germans… One of them was Sandro Gruenheid, a civilized skater with probably the quietest skates in the world!

sandrostaleQ: Where are you from?
Sandro: I’m from Wiesbaden Germany a City near Frankfurt.
Q: If you could be any pro skater, who would it be? Sandro: It would be Alex Broskow. It looks like he can do anything he wants on skates, so much control and style. He must be blessed.
^Sandro Gruenheid 180 stale – Photo James Clare

45Q: How did you get into blading?
Sandro: When i was 14 a friend of mine got some Skates for his birthday. While he was blowing out the candles i got to try out his skates, and fell in love. Two days later i got my own pair. ^Sandro and Dom – Photo Simon Isles


Q: When did you first come across CIDY LIFE
Sandro: I saw Dan Stierlings Valo Edit “Lay it down” and was blown away. After i watched it 10 times in a row i started watching all Cidy Life Edits and became a big fan. I still watch “lay it down” before every park session.
^Sandro Gruenheid  straight gap – Photo James Clare


Q: Favourite Barcelona Snack/Drink.
Sandro: Lays olive oil potato chips & that good english tea you guys are always drinking.
Look out for a full Sandro section at the end of the year.
^Sandro Gruenheid 540 Mute – Photo James Clare


^Sandro Gruenheid – Photo Simon Isles