patatas bruvas part one

Holla! We teamed up with Valo to bring you a barcelona special. 10 days and 10ish skaters from all around the world! (England, Germany and Spain) Welcome to Patatas Bruvas!


Q: What advice would you give to a kid that just started skating.
Elliot Stevens: Fuck ya doing that for dick eed? Pick up a skateboard haha… Enjoy having a good time with your mates and having fun pushing your own skating and your own limits don’t be arsed about being sponsored or making a career out of it, if that happens, then great! Just enjoy being on your skates, learning new tricks and having fun. ^Photo: Simon Isles

Jamesclare_CDLXVALO_21 copy

Q: When you first started skating, did you ever think it could become your career?
Steve Collis: The moment them bauer fx1 hit the floor what can i say…Drunken love
Q:is that a yes?
Steve Collis: Nah i wanted to be snoop doggy dogg.
^Photo: James Clare


Q: If you dont make a career out of shooting skate photos, what would you be doing right now?
James Clare: I’d probably have to get a desk job in a office somewhere, I’m just so lucky I get to do what I enjoy every day with a group of such talented skaters. ^Photo: James Clare


Q: Do you ever think you had a chance to take it to the next level and work towards being pro?
Sam Walker: personally i think its been prolonged. I’ve been working towards pro for a long time now but can’t find a company that pays well enough. ^Photo: James Clare

jamesclare.com_CIDYLIFE_VALOEU_ copy

Q: Was it tough in the neighbourhood you grew up in, did you always have to watch your back?
Patrick Ridder: Not really, me and my friends where the rude kids in the neighborhood.
^Photo: James Clare


^Photo: Simon Isles